Habits for Hackers

A month-long (paid) workshop to cultivate the habits that lead to an impressive and fulfilling dev career

An illustration of a developer coding at a laptop

Featuring good ideas from Deep Work, Atomic Habits and The Passionate Programmer.

We’ll spend a month ingraining these habits

Doing deep work

The fastest way to wring more productivity out of your day is to get serious about guarding your attention. Our goal: reduce the number of days where you never get in the zone.

Protecting our bodies

Programming isn’t physical labor, but it’s still tough on your body. This habit focuses on the things that will let you program all day and not feel like crap.

Optimizing workflows

You should spend a little time each week learning new tools and increasing your proficiency with your existing set.

Building an audience

Someday you’re going to be really glad you’ve built an audience who likes and trusts you. Best to start now.

They probably won’t all stick, but some will. Worth it.

About me

I (Ben) have been fortunate enough to have a super rewarding career.

I’ve been promoted within competitive companies, keynoted at conferences, charged ridiculous money for consulting, and am currently CEO at my own startup.

Through lots of trial and error, I’ve discovered the habits that make the biggest difference in my professional life.

Those habits, and my best tips for sticking to them, are what I want to share with you.

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